What We Do


Charleston Digital Media Initiative serves a niche in South Carolina innovation ecosystem by growing workforce talent and providing opportunities for educational and technical collaboration in the immersive and interactive media field.


Charleston Immersive/Interactive Media Studio is CDMI's private sector content development and production partner.  Ci2 selects and supervises the development of each project, hires talents, selects immersive/interactive companies with which to collaborate and oversees all aspects of every project.

Karaton Services, LLC

Karaton Services is a private sector company  which service the education project development side of CDMI providing curricula development, funding opportunities, management services and liaison to educational institutions.

Current Projects

MARCH -  a suite of interactive educational products, based on Congressman John Lewis' 2016 National books chronicling his  history  in the civil rights movement.

Briggs v Elliott  - a mobile Augmented Reality App about the landmark federal lawsuit out of Charleston, SC intended to bring down "separate, but equal" education.  From this case, four others evolved and ultimately became the Brown v Board of Education lawsuit.

Charleston Justice Journey - Charleston’s first on-line interactive map bringing together the dramatic, historic sites along the city’s long march towards racial justice.  Justice Journey will illuminate the complete and heroic history of a city at the epicenter of America’s racial dialogue 

for over 300 years.